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Services offered:

  • Sponsorship and Scholarship information
  • Free carrier guidance and counselling
  • Educational information
  • Passport and Visa assistance
  • Providing College selection services 
  • Sponsorship and Scholarship information

We assure you with the enrollment by finding you the university that suits your dreams, budget and carrier development.

Our clients are our family, so we give them the most cost-effective options by presenting them with various scholarship that ranges from full sponsorship to partial.


Free carrier guidance and counselling

It is most impossible to sail without a compass. The best way to reach you destiny is by taking the right path. We at Sunrise Africa Group realizing that, we help our clients to select best courses that suit their carrier goals.

provide free advice and expose to your career opportunities available in the country of your selection


Student Pre-Training and Orientation

We make our client comfortable and familiar with their new environment by giving them the best training about each and everything they supposed to know about the country of their selection. We also make sure we put them in the safe hand of our partners in a respective country for their safety, and any emergency assistance where needs.

Education Information

We stay ahead of our competitors by providing accurate and exclusive education information to our clients.

This help to make informative decision regarding their future as well as carrier development.

Passport and Visa Assistance

As a most credible and reliable service provider, Sunrise Africa Group will secure your scholarship by helping you get your visa and passport on time. We also provide the service to anyone who is in need not just only to our student client.

VISA for Poland, USA, India China, UK, Canada, S. Africa, Denmark, Thailand, Japan and Australia.